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Mea Culpa!!

What can I say, like a number of coins when they first go out live they see problems and have to have another mandatory wallet, this is our case as well.  We tested the coin to the best of our abilities, but fell short, I apologize. The new mandatory wallet will be released on October 6, 2021, only 10 days from the 5th anniversary of the coin. With this mandatory upgrade, there were several features changed such as how the difficulty was found and other changes to the code explained here.

 I believe in transparency and have made a number of updates to what has been happening with the code for the coin and what it might mean for the user. I think any good dev should be willing to admit their successes as well as their failures.  This was not so much a failure but a whoopsie in the scale of things!!  We were overly cautious but were justified.  We knew we needed to add a checkpoint that marks the validity of the blockchain.  Going back in the logs and sifting through the data there was the discovery of the first bad block during the time when the swap funds were being shipped to Frei Exchange.  This would be an ideal place to set a checkpoint, but it would require going back and having to recreate the conditions at the time which is impossible.  So the last block on the chain was accepted as the best chain.  Going forward in the future, the code will be checkmarked regularly.

Again, I am sorry and take full responsibility.  As the person who steers this ship, I will always do my best for you!!



Waya Wolf Coin,WW, was originally released on October 21, 2016, as a payment method for items in the now-defunct Cryptopia Store.  It was a pure Proof of Work, PoW, coin aimed at low hash individuals so all could mine it.  This wasn't the case.  And now, almost 5 years later, we remake Waya Wolf Coin to be a hybrid coin, that is Proof of Stake, PoS, and PoW.  I feel now is the right time to make these changes and Waya Wolf Coin V2, WWV2 is born.

The new Waya Wolf Coin V2 retains all of the features of Waya Wolf Coin.  It is still meant to be a payment coin for goods and services.  WW Coin had a fair release with no pre-mine and was a pure POW coin. It had an approximate total of coins 10,500,000 and the initial reward was 25 coins. It has halved and the current reward is 12.5 coins. The reason for the parameters of the coin and the fair launch was to make WW accessible to all by mining. These factors make WW a great coin for payment services.  The WW Coin is supported on several platforms. Including the Gemmer Multiwallet a 64-bit Android wallet.  This allows for easier ways to pay for goods and services.

The discord for WW has some services available for users.  The first is the Academy, where anyone can post/answer a question. If the answer is really helpful you may consider tipping them in the bot room.  There is a section for Sister Coins where you can participate with coins that are associated with Waya Wolf Coin.  Services include a trusted 3rd party service where you can use WW to handle funds held as a means of safe transactions between parties.  There also is the Payment and Fulfillment service that can handle many services for you, please see the description in the Discord.  All these services are available for Waya Wolf Coin V2!


   The spice must flow -- Dune

The original Waya Wolf Coin was issued on 10.16.2016, and now almost 5 years later it will be revised to Waya Wolf Coin V2.  The parameters of WW were selected for payment methods as well as being a coin to be mined by all.  A main driving force for this change is to keep the blockchain moving.  Three factors can affect a POW coin to slow down if not halt the blockchain for periods.  A lack of miners will simply do this as rewards diminish in value it is not as attractive to mine a coin.  Situations arise when a large mining hash rate for a short period occurs.  This drives the difficulty up and when the mining hash is removed there may be several blocks needed to drive the difficulty down to an appropriate level for the amount of mining hash present.  Finally, and most diabolical of all is the 51% attack.  This is when a miner or group of miners control over 50% of the mining hash,  The attackers could cause transactions not to confirm and even reverse transactions while they controlled allowing them to potentially double-spend coins.  So there is a correlation between the blockchain functioning well and the difficulty.

To counter these things, several things were done.  For the case where there are no miners of the mining, the difficulty is too high The POS part of the new coins will fix this.  Additionally, To be able to accomplish a 51% attack you would need to have 50% of all circulating coins which is very likely not to happen.  For the other issues, we have changed how the difficulty is calculated.  It is based on the average times of the last 5 intervals.  This value is then reduced by 25% and then further constrained to be within 50% of the calculated value.  This will ensure the values of the difficulties will not rise too fast or too slow.


The number of coins for the swap was 7,318,750 WW the number of active coins plus 250,00 Waya Wolf Coins V2.  The developer's fund of 250,000 coins was used to pay for various aspects of the swap. The number of coins swapped in the bot-room tip-bot was 44274.91412019 WW and on the Frei Exchange, it was 1020205.08114601 WW for a total of 1,064,479.995266 WW.  This leaves a balance of 5,959,995.090613 WW.  This number is very high and has several reasons

Some of the main reasons for this is that I lost over 1,000,000 WW.  The downfall of the now-defunct Crytopia contained a great amount of WW trapped there.  Those who did not get the word in time.  And finally all of the coins in Unnamed Exchange.  I have talked with the people at Unnamed and did not receive an answer yet.  Once a decision is given actions will be set in motion.  If you are on the original WW blockchain it will have ended and the coins worthless.  Only the WW2 coins will be on the right blockchain.  Because of these factors, the remaining swap funds will be retained.  Please note the coins I lost will not be replaced, I can no longer prove ownership and hence cannot be expected to have them swapped.

A number of blocks will be mined by me as a shakedown of the coin.  These mined blocks will be added to the faucet.  The exact number will be posted.  Some of the available coins from the swap will be used to pay for expenses not included in the developer's fund.

Coin Specifications

Coin Name:  Waya Wolf Coin
Algorithm:  Scrypt
Type: Hybrid POW/POS
Ticker:  WW
Address Letter:  W
Original Date Created:  10.16.2016
Rebirth Date Created:  9.28.2021
Roaming Directory:  WayaWolfV2
Configuration File:  WayaWolfCoin.conf
RPC Port:  9912
P2P Port: 9911
Block Target: Every 5 minutes
Retarget Difficulty:  Every 3 Blocks
Premine for Swap:  7,318,750 WW
Minimum TX Fee:  0.0001
Block Reward POW or POS:  Initial 25 WW, Now 12.5
POS Minimum Age till Maturity: 4 Days
Block Halving: ~210k Blocks (~3 Years)
Coin Supply:  ~11 M WW

Important Links

32 bit Waya Wolf Windows qt Wallet
64 bit Waya Wolf Windows QT Wallet
Daemon for Linux x86_64
Daemon for Linux ARMv4 (Raspberry Pi)
Daemon for Linux ARMv8 (arm64)
Waya Wolf Github
Waya Wolf Block Explorer
Waya Wolf Discord
Waya Wolf Twitter
Waya Wolf Email

Official Mining Pools

Waya Wolf Coin Pool under v. is available to all.

-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://mcmpool.eu:3440 -u <WW_Wallet_Address> -p c=WW

Cminors Pool


Frei Exchange

Special UseCase: Waya Wolf Trading Post

The Waya Wolf Trading Post is a place where you can shop for uncirculated banknotes, fine jewelry, raw gemstones, and stamps.  The trading post accepts both Waya Wolf Coin and Dimunitive, DIMI, Coin as payment methods.  You can even trade your WW and DIMI there for cash.  More items are added all the time.  Currently, 3 companies are represented in the trading Post and more and more quality retailers are always sought.

Please check out the Waya Wolf Trading Post and use your WW and DIMI to buy items!!

Future Directions

--  To be listed on an index of EWMCI;
--  Increase the number of users of Waya Wolf Coin V2;
--  Increase the price of WWV2;
--  Get listed on Payment Provider(s);
--  Increase offerings on the Waya Wolf Trading Post;
--  Work on infrastructure to keep WWV2 a strong solid coin;
--  Increase the presence of WWV2;
--  To develop and create more goods and services that use WWV2


Donations are a very important source of income for a coin to keep the lights on.  To run and host a coin is very very expensive.  Very few people ever donate to help a coin out.  I make a plea and a challenge to you all to support this coin!!

WW:  WZCyBouubVbiy1YM6UZPzGj5ofHmkMezns
BTC:  bc1qszrz8rdntn3fhql8plcwxnmv8uv7crhwfnfkge
LTC:  ltc1qaq5u7gaf4azxcs2wmeruu9jv6kfy2w4paw3m5t
Doge:  DHnJGUrcXMQFtqYqTRv8TuhZPUwRb67rwv
uTip:  AMNqmsrp9EnCa78YjrcayXhJLFxQP39GCb

28.9.2021 WayaWolfCoin Developers
Author: WayaWolf